Power Trowel Finish Blades

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A selection of Finishing Blades to choose from.

Power trowel blades play a critical role in the concrete finishing process, determining the finish quality and smoothness of the surface. Selecting the right blade and understanding its installation and angle are essential for achieving efficient and effective results.

Whether it’s a finish blade for the final pass or a float blade for initial leveling, the choice of blade can significantly impact the outcome of the concrete.

These power trowel blades to fit majority of major brands, please feel free to make contact and we can advise.

Different types of blades are available to suit various concrete applications, such as floating, finishing, or burnishing. See related products below.

Grouped product items
Product Name Price Stock Code
24" | Metric Bolts Inc | 4/pack | 4 7/8" x 9" 20455
24" Whiteman Trowel Blades | 4/pack | 4 7/8" x 9" 20455W
30" | Moskito Blades | (4/pack) | 9¼" x 5" 20454
30" | MK8-75 Ride-On | Trowel Blade | (4/pack) 20454A
36" Trowel Blades | Metric Bolts Inc | 4/pack | 6" x 14" 20457
46" Trowel Blades | Metric Bolts Inc | 5/pack | 6 x 18" 20456/5

Replacement finish blades for your power trowel will fit Allen, Bartell, Champion , Dart, Kelley, MBW, Marshalltown, Masterpac, Morrison, Muller, Stone, Best, Dixie, Stow, Whiteman, Wacker brands.

Finish blades offer the advantage of being reversible thereby doubling the blade life over combination style blades.Replacement power trowel bades.


  • Fits Majority of Power Trowels [Excluding Norton Clipper]
  • Manufactured in Steel
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