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Husqvarna K2500 16" Hydraulic Saw

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The K2500 Husqvarna hydraulic cut off saw is a perfect power cutter for confined environments or where the use of a lightweight and powerful power cutter is required
Husqvarna K2500 16" Hydraulic Saw

The K2500 Husqvarna hydraulic cut off saw deliver powerful and reliable cutting of a range of construction materials. Hydraulic power is perfect for sensitive or confined environments where exhaust emissions can be of concern.

Hydraulic chop saws are powerful and lightweight. They are a cost effective solution where a powerpack is already available.

The K2500 from Husqvarna handles up to a standard 350mm [14"] diamond blade or abrasive blade. It features a reversible cutting arm that allows close cutting to walls and other obstacles from either side of the machine. The K2500 hydraulic cutter saw also features DEX™. A unique water saving wet cutting kit that keeps dust to a minimum

  • Hydraulic gear motor
  • Blade brake
  • Servo for RPM control
  • Replaceable arbor bushing
  • K 2500 is especially light and manoeuvrable.
  • Powerful, durable cutter that allows efficient work during long shifts.
  • Capacity for a 400 mm blade.
  • High power output, 5.2 kW, with hydraulic operation.
  • Servo for motor speed control.
  • Blade brake stops the blade within a few seconds.
  • Light cutter with high power

    Light cutter with high power

    Hydraulics is an excellent way to transfer high power without the actual cutter becoming heavy.

  • Wet cutting kit

    Wet cutting kit

    All our cutters except the K 3000 Electric feature our robust new wet cutting kit, with low water usage.

  • Good working conditions

    Good working conditions

    Running a hydraulic cutter means you avoid fumes and high noise levels, so they are ideal for both in- and outdoor jobs.

  • Reversible cutting arm

    Reversible cutting arm

    The cutting arm is reversible which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground. The drive belt has a fully sealed trans-mission. This keeps out cutting dust etc, reducing wear.


  • Blocks, curbstones and pavers
  • Cast concrete
  • Floors and walls


Power output 5.2 kW / 7 hp(I)
Hydraulic flow, max 40 l/min / 10 gal/min
Hydraulic pressure 140 bar
Cutting equipment
Max cutting depth 145 mm / 6 inch
Blade diameter 400 mm / 16 inch
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs
Vibrations front handle 7.5 m/s²
Vibrations rear handle 5.2 m/s²
Sound and noise
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 107 dB(A)
  • Optimal
  • Good
  • Acceptable
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Asphalt hard
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