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Hire concrete tents to protect your concrete slab from water ingress and from early age shrinkage cracks during hot summer days. Hire concrete tents available in 7x5.5m size to cover a bay size of max 6m wide, length variable to user requirements. Please call us on numbers below or click the enquire button below and complete our hire enquiry form and we will be in touch. Kings Lynn: 01553 829530 Salisbury: 01722 416196 Scotland: 0141 849 0077 Stafford: 01785 332891

Our concrete tents can be hired to offer surface protection from rain damage and early curing on hot summer days, that literally costs thousands in reinstatement costs. Our concrete covers are wedge shaped, and feature a low-slung design assists in the concrete covers ability to withstand winds of reasonable intensity.

Speed tents are available to hire in the 7mtr x 5.5mtr format all other sizes are available purchase only, and are manufactured to order. Our Concrete Tents will cover a bay size 1 meter less than designated sizes. The dimension tolerance allows for sufficient overlap to prevent water ingress onto the slab surface. For example a 7x5.5mtr tent will cover a bay width of 6 meters and a linear length of 5 meters. A series of tents (see image) can be run to any desired bay length by alternating the standard and overlap tents down the length of your bay. The width of the tent is fixed.

Simplistic in concept Speedtents offer exceptionally fast erect times and are compact enough to enable transport by a regular size pickconcrete surface protection up truck. A series of tents can be utilised to cover longer bays by using a combination of standard and over-lap units.


  • Manufactured in Gatorshield Lightweight Alloy Zinc Tubing, Speed Tents are Robust and hard wearing
  • Leg height can be specified upon request. Default size: Std leg height: 300mm, Overlap Leg height: 400mm
  • Sizes are specified in width x length dimensions
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    UK Customers please note: For some UK deliveries including Concrete Tents, Roadforms & most heavier purchases Speedcrete will have to personally deliver your goods please select SPEEDCRETE DELIVERY from the available options. Once we process your order we will send a revised invoice with a detailed quote for shipping. Please notify us immediately of any delivery queries.

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