360° / Spot Interchangable Lighting Tower

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Multifunction lighting tower features a removable head system that allows you to light your area with a soft 360° light or a traditional twin head spot lamp giving you the flexibilty to light tasks as they demand it.
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Introducing the new Interchangable Lighting Tower system. Quality illumnation: glare-free, brighter light with a coverage of 360°

Our latest 360° light features an interchangeable head system utilising an aero plug to give you a unique lighting solution.

Choose the soft diffused all round light for situations that demand a full lighting requirement or choose the targeted powerful direct light of the traditional spot head. The interchangable system is currently available with 2000 watts of Metal Halide power although more powerful options may be available by special request.

The system is available in manual or self propelled (SP) versions with removable and stowable lighthead unit. Positive speed control on SP version with rough terrain capability.

Masthead height to 5.6m (18.36ft). The 360° all round illuminating coverage can be specified with a screened balloon for downward illumination. Supplied with or without generator.

The Standard Kit includes 2 x Standard Spot Lamps, 1 x Balloon Lamp, 1 x Towerlight Body. options


Balloonlight tower
Generator Type KIPPOR
Rated voltage 110V 110V
Rated frequency 60HZ 60HZ
Rated output 2.8KVA 5.0KVA
Maximum output 3.0KVA 5.5KVA
Fuel 93# gasoline 93# gasoline
Fuel consumption 1.4L/hr 2.7L/hr
Working hours 9hr 9hr
Fuel tank capacity 13L 25L
Net weight 60kg 85kg
light tower Watt?number 1000W X 2
1000W X 3
Total luminousness 220000 lm 330000 lm
Number of expansible 5 5
Length of the expansible 2220-5770mm 3,000-8930mm
Retracted LWH 1500 x 500 x 720mm 1530 x 950 x 2200mm
Maximum inclination < 10° < 10°
Anti-wind 6 6
Total weight 200kg 318kg


Other types of lighting towers cause glare for workers and operatives. They also have inconsistent coverage and may cause accidents due to poor visibilty.

The balloon light tower addresses all these concerns. The most outstanding features of the tower are its glare-free, shadow less, brighter light with a coverage angle of 360°. The reflector is made of synthetic fabric materials designed exclusively for use in space. It is evenly translucent, watertight and comes in unique styles. The Light Tower has received high praise since it came on the market. The Light Tower has been widely used on construction sites for highways and busy main roads. The Light Tower has revolutionized nighttime illumination, which greatly improves safety for both drivers and construction workers.

Ballon light glare

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