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Barikell Mini Ride On Power Float

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Barikell introduces the world's smallest riding trowel. The 188kg, 18 horsepower Vanguard, Low-Rider Power Trowel features twin 75cm rotors and can be equipped with finish blades and float pans.

The lightweight MK8-75 can be placed on concrete sooner than heavier machines and manoeuvres in tighter quarters including passing through a 82cm doorway.

This Barikell Ride-on Trowel has synchronised steering and is a labour saver wherever used instead of multiple walk-behind trowels especially 46" pedestrians which can be very lumbersome to use unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Concrete professional have found the MK8-75 is also used in compliment with larger ride-on trowels for edging work and getting into tight areas. In this regard, the MK8-75 features two rollers on its front guard ring enabling the machine to finish within approximately 1/4" of a wall.

The Barikell MK8-75 can be easily transported in the bed of a typical pick-up truck.


  • 750mm Floating Disk
  • 8 Blades
  • Vanguard 18 HP
  • Lights LED for working in dark environments
  • World's Smallest Ride-On Trowel
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