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36" Barikell Diesel Power Trowel

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Market leading performance Yanmar 4.5HP powered diesel pedestrian trowel made by Barikell.

The two pedestrian trowels available on this page differ as the 3122AFG model has a guard ring that can be opened for the quick removal/replacement of trowel blades.

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36" Diesel Pedestrian Trowel AFG 3123AFG
36" Diesel Pedestrian Trowel 3123GD
36" Barikell Diesel Power Trowel

Barikell 36" Diesel Power Float

Barikell Power Trowels offer market leading performance. Featuring a 4.5HP Yanmah Diesel Engine it gives this unit reliability and durability at the jobsite.

Upgraded specifications for top performance levels allow these trowels give the operator quick response to increase productivity and improve slab quality. The AFG Model has an opening guard ring to allow for quick and simple removal/replacement of trowel blades, which helps to facilitate increased production schedules.


  • Closed Protection Cage @900
  • Stiff Handle 1320MM
  • 4 Blades
  • Yanmar 4.5 HP
  • With Heavy Duty Clutch
  • With Lifting Hook
  • Long Handle With Iron Accelerator Cable and Rigid Wire
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