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Poly Meta Forms

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Speedcrete introduces Poly Meta Forms® the light weight, flexible alternative to traditional wood forming. Weighing 50% less than wood and having uniform heights makes poly forms the simple choice when forming superb curved slabs for irregular shaped applications. This Product section contains all the products needed to tailor your Poly Meta Form kit to your requirements.






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This new plastic formwork features two types of form. A straight section and a flex for radius work.

Plastic formwork roadform flex section. This section is holllow to allow the user to form radius sections. Great for grainstore bases, forms for decorative concrete and even landscaping and garding applications.

Stake points can be set by simply twisting in a stake pocket at any point along the forms length, giving you the versitility to pin your formwork where you want

The formwork can also be 'stacked' with the use of staking pockets. These twin pockets slide onto the form face to stack the formwork ontop of one another. Stacking pockets are available in twin 4" [100mm], twin 6" [150mm] or a 4"/6" [100mm/150mm] combo.

Plastic formwork has the advantage of being much easiser to clean than tradiutional forms. It is extreamly durable, lightweight and provides for many years of reuse. It is also particulary easy to 'strike' the forms after a successful pour

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
One-time purchase. Documented reuses of 150 times or more
2"x 4"x 12' - size guaranteed
  2"x 6" x 12'- size guaranteed
Uniform straightness and height
Weight: 50% lighter than wood forms.
  4" Flexible = 0.5 lbs. per foot/ 77 lbs. per box
  4" Straight= 1.0 lbs. per foot/ 129 lbs. per box
  6" Flexible= 0.75 lbs. per foot/ 105 lbs. per box
  6" Straight= 1.25 lbs. per foot/ 155 lbs. per box
Slide pocket The "Slide" pocket is inserted at the end of either the 4" or 6" poly form. Convenient connection to wood with predrilled nail holes. Recommended one slide pocket per form.

Twist pocket connector The "Twist" pocket provides multiple staking options since it can be easily inserted at any location along the length of any form. Recommended three twist pockets per length of form..

Stacking Forms
The slide-type "Stacking" pockets permits poly forms to be stacked to achieve heights of 8", 10" and 12". 

Stake Pocket Specifications:

Material:   Special Analysis Steel
Weight Slide: 1.3 lbs. per pocket/ 23 lbs. per bucket 
  Twist: 1.3 lbs. per pocket/ 42 lbs. per bucket 

Stacking: 3.0 lbs. per pocket/ 17 lbs. per bucket
Packaging: 30 Twist pockets per bucket
  15 Slide pockets per bucket
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Useful for curved edges
Posted by
Was impressed, can be used for curved edges and straight form work.
Replaced 90% of the wood I use.
Posted by
Had a look into this plastic form and bought a few to see how they work. Basically really happy with then and now, have replaced the expensive wood I used in the past, they will last for ages and are easy to clean.

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