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Concrete Formwork Stakes

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Keep concrete formwork or road forms securely in place with a choice of three sizes of form stakes.

Hard steel Form stakes are available in a number of sizes from Speedcrete. If you are working on a large concrete surface these form stakes are used to ensure your form remains correctly positioned allowing the concrete to set.

Choose the size you require:

Small: 20mm x 300mm (12 inch)
Medium: 20mm x 600m (24 inch)
Large: 20mm x 900mm (36 inch)


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Form stakes

If you are working on a large concrete surface, possibly for a civil engineering job such as roadworks, chances are you will have concrete forms in place.

These can be great to ensure your concrete pour stays in position and sets in the right shape.

However, concrete forms may not be much use if you do not have something to keep them firmly in position.

Choose from...

Small: 20mm x 300mm. Medium: 20mm x 600m. Large: 20mm x 900mm.

Any of these can be used to hold your concrete formwork or road forms in place on your building site. You can carry on with your task safe in the knowledge that your concrete pour is perfectly secure.

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