Concrete Pump Hose Disc

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Pump hose skid discs are a fantastic way of easily moving heavy flex hose around the work area.

Designed to save wear and tear of your concrete pump hoses and pipes as the curved shape minimises contact with the re-bar. These useful tools are also known in the industry as skid pans.

Speedcrete promote this product to help avoid worker back strain and heavy lift injuries.

Concrete Pump Hose Disc

The concrete pump hose disc is designed to aid moving heavy concrete pump flex hoses around the work area and is used to protect expensive hoses from being damaged.

Simply click a T-Bar or attach a rope to pull the disc over the surface of the concrete for easy maneuverability. This product helps to avoid worker back strain and heavy lift injuries.

Manufactured from steel to provide for many years of prolonged usage.


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