Roller Tamps | Single & Double Rollers

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The Roller Tamp helps to work fat to the surface of the concrete by supressing the major aggregate and allowing the fine material through. Available with single or twin mesh rollers.
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230mm Single Roller Tamp CC946
450mm double roller tamp RG18
600mm single roller tamp RG24S
900mm single roller tamp RG36S
600mm double roller tamp RG24
900mm double roller tamp RG36
1200mm double roller tamp CC958B

The Roller Gandy is a tool comprising single or twin mesh rollers which depress the major aggregate and bring fat to the surface. It is especially useful when trying to achieve a finish on 'bony' concrete mixes. The concrete roller tamp may be used for non- slip finish leaving diamond type pattern, e.g. car parks, cow yards, etc.

It will leave a small diamond imprint effect into the surface of the concrete. If you require this effect for best results use a single model as the double will roll over itslef and leave a haphazrd effect. For best results cosider using our Rock n Roller Diamond or Hexagon imprint roller system available on our website for texture imprinting .


  • Supplied complete with 45mm snap handle adaptor, for use with aluminium snap handles
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