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Husqvarna WT15 Water Pump

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The Husqvarna WT 15 Water Pump is a lithium powered pump that provides accurate delivery of water to the cutting surface. Designed to increase cutting performance and operator comfort.
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A compact and easy-to-use 15-litre water tank that helps you work efficiently. It has an electric pump, so there’s no manual pumping required. The WT 15 is battery-powered with an 18.5 V Gardena Li-Ion accumulator system.

  • A compact cutting trolley, developed specifically for the Husqvarna K 760.
  • The quick mounts make it easy to install the cutter on the trolley.
  • Efficient control of cutting depth facilitates adjustment and returning to the previous setting.
  • Track control means you can cut in straight or curved lines.
  • The wheels are laterally adjustable, so you can cut close to walls and curbs.
  • Easy to fold up and transport.
  • Supplied complete with 15-litres water tank.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery and charger

    Powerful lithium-ion battery and charger

    Husqvarna WT 15 comes equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery, charger and a Gardena spray nozzle, conveniently placed in a compartment on the WT 15. A fully charged battery will give a continous running time of 45 minutes.

  • Autostop function

    Autostop function

    The advanced water tank has an autostop function that safely stops the machine when the water runs out. Also, an indicator shows the battery level.

  • Convenient transport

    Convenient transport

    When transporting the WT 15 the water hose is conveniently wound around the replaceable bottom and the coupler at the end placed in the designated slot.

  • Two-speed pump

    Two-speed pump

    There is a higher capacity function of the pump built into the electronics. By pushing the switch 1.5-2 seconds the pump will work with double speed giving twice the amount of water. This function is particularly useful together with the Gardena spray nozzle to clean off the machine after work. This function can of course also be used if a cutting job requires extra water for some reason.


Technical specifications for WT 15
Voltage 220 / 110 V
Water tank capacity 15 lit / 3.96 gal.
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