Mesto Industrial Cart Sprayer

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10 L, incl. transport trolley and compressed air filler valve, two different nozzles, FPM seals, pump holder.

This professional compression sprayer is particularly suitable for the professional sector. The tank is made of stainless steel. The compressed air filler valve with quick snap coupling NW 7.2 installed in the tank offers the possibility of filling the device with a compressor, eliminating the need for manual pumping. The 50cm long brass spray wand with flat jet nozzle 80-01E with installed filter is 360° rotatable. The 2.5 m long spiral hose with safety interlock ensures optimal reach for working. With safety valve and replaceable pressure gauge.

Other features such as pump, spray wand and extension wand holders on the device offer a comprehensive set of equipment for the device. A constant flow valve can also be ordered optionally for this device. A constant flow valve ensures a permanent pressure and thus guarantees the constant, economical application of agents.

Mesto Industrial Cart Sprayer

Product class Performance ****
EAN 4000903361549
Article type Compression sprayer
Fill capacity 10 l
Total contents 13 l
Max. operating pressure
6 bar/88 psi/0.6 MPa
Weight 6,7 Kg
Tank material Plastic
Portability on the side, can be rolled
Nozzle type Spray nozzle, Flat jet rectangular distribution, Filter
Nozzle material Plastic
Spray wand material Plastic
Shut-off valve material Plastic
Shut-off valve connection For spiral hose D6
Shut-off valve characteristics With filter, with safety interlock
Hose length 250 cm
Hose diameter D6
Safety valve replaceable
Pressure gauge Pressure gauge with indicator
Compressed air filler valve ja

Additional equipment
Pump holder, filled spare parts kit, Transport trolley, Funnel cover, Compressed air filler valve with handle, additional nozzle

Device equipment
Ergonomic shut-off valve with filter helps protect your wrist. Filter is easy to clean and prevents clogging of the nozzle. Safety interlock on the shut-off valve prevents unintentional spraying. Base with foot ring for a sturdy foothold when pumping. Spray wand and extension wand holders for space-saving and safe storage., Pump holder prevents soiling of the pump when filling. Stocked spare parts compartment with spare seals. Spiral hose with safety interlock. The funnel cover prevents dirt contaminating the spraying agent and protects against contamination and clogging of the nozzle. Transport trolley with large wheels for smooth and easy transport also on uneven surfaces., incl. rechargeable compressed air filler valve with quick snap coupling (size 7.2) and constant flow valve for connection to a compressor.

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