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The Foam Pro compressed air power foamers allow consistent and trouble free application of a variety of cleaning chemicals. Will apply solutions as a spray & foam. 2 applications in 1.
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Compressed Air Powered Foamers

Our Foam Pro series of compressed air powered foamers offer a convenient solution to the application of a variety of chemicals.

Many cleaning solutions are hard to apply in liquid form and need a method to bind to the surface allow the solution to act. The Foam pro offers two machines in one as it utilizes a two head system. One for spray application and one for foam application. This allows for the application of a great variety of chemicals.

The Foam Pro's are manufactured in Stainless Steel and feature a trolley solution for easy transportation around the work area. They are available in both 25Ltr and 50 Ltr capacities.

Typically the Foam Pro can be used to apply our Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver. The foam allows the chemical to adhere to the surface of the tools and equipment to provide a greater contact time allowing the chemical to break the cement down. The Foam pro can then be used to apply our Speedy Shield Protective Wax. This dries to form a wax barrier that prevents concrete buildup on the surface. It is dry to touch which is great for user control and has no hydrocarbon bases which means it's excellent for the environment.


Device Description

Model Foam Pro 25L
Capacity 25 Litres
Maxium Liquid Capacity 19 Litres
Lance Assembly Length 750mm
Output Hose Length 10 Mtrs
Maximum Pressure 8 Bar
Weight 12.5 Kgs

Model Foam Pro 50L
Capacity 50 Litres
Maxium Liquid Capacity 38 Litres
Lance Assembly Length 750mm
Output Hose Length 10 Mtrs
Maximum Pressure 8 Bar
Weight 19 Kgs
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