Hire Bunyan Striker Roller Screed

Rent the original hire hydraulic Bunyan Striker™. The ideal tool for levelling concrete slabs. Please call us on numbers below or click the enquire button below and complete our hire enquiry form and we will be in touch. Kings Lynn: 01553 829530 Salisbury: 01722 416196 Scotland: 0141 849 0077 Stafford: 01785 332891

The hire Bunyan Striker roller screed is an ideal tool for accurate, rapid and effective levelling of concrete slabs, slopes, pathways & driveways.

A hydraulically powered spinning tube pulled in the opposite direction cuts the concrete surface thereby trimming high spots and filling low spots in a single pass. It does not vibrate and therefore leaves the major aggregate near the surface, which is perfect for high traffic and high load areas that demand a wear resistant slab.

Additional compaction through an internal vibrator is recommended to remove air pockets especially around form edges and corners.

The Bunyan striker is a versatile machine equally happy on slope work, conical tanks and high tolerance jobs. It really is a screed that can do the lot.

  • Available in to rent in Petrol/Gas or Diesel powered options
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