Speedcrete has never seen demand so high for hire equipment and machinery. We are pleased to say that due to current demand we have expanded our fleet of hire equipment. It seems like the Construction Industry has gone from strength to strength in 2021, maybe this upturn has arisen due to a mix of good weather and the fact that the construction industry was allowed to continue during the lockdowns but here we are.

What equipment have we added?

We have added three more Bunyan Strikers, two Multivibes, 4 vibratory pokers, two Pedestrian trowels and one Barikell (monster) ride on power trowel. At one point we were so busy that Pete Dod had to bring his beloved classic striker from the 1980's out of retirement for a trusted client.

This image shows Pete Dod admiring the 1989 Bunyan Roller Striker which was one of the first to be brought back from the United States and introduced to the United Kingdom.

This Bunyan started first time and we very reluctantly let a customer use it on site. Great to see how these revolutionary machines still keep going strong even after all these years.

Speedcrete are still the selling used equipment

Speedcrete have for many years sold used and new concrete finishing equipment. We have always sought to give our customers a bargain, we have noticed a lot more new businesses have started up which could be attributed to a surge of activity during lockdown, we are glad to be in a position to offer some fantastic deals and share our expertise if required.

There are a whole host of tools and used machinery available to browse on our website, CLICK HERE to take a look at the reduced prices.

All our used equipment has been used in our hire fleet, we take pride in maintaining our equipment with regular servicing whilst stocking parts. All sold equipment comes with a guarantee period and we are always available to carry out repairs or to service machinery.

Other News

Grind N Shine tooling has been adopted by more clients looking to temporarily convert their power trowels for concrete floor grinding or concrete polishing. We started out by testing this at the beginning of 2021 and have hired out to some clients who have since bought the tooling system. We recently created a video showing how we used this, Click the link below to watch.