The laser levelling machine for grading concrete can be purchased from Speedcrete in the United Kingdom. Screed your concrete flat and vibrate the concrete as you pass.

Speedcrete has enjoyed taking the The Scorpion Dune SLS Laser Screed on demonstrations for hire over the last 18 months. This concrete levelling machine uses advanced laser levelling technology to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in one pass.

This advanced four-wheel self-levelling concrete laser screed vehicle provides high efficiency and simplicity saving you: time, man power and money.

Set the grade automatically to allow the operator to move quickly and efficiently through the work area, the easy to use controls makes levelling concrete an easy task. The Dune SLS Scorpion Laser Screed is compact and strong ensuring ease of operation on large concrete pours.

Screeding concrete to a level grade across a large area can be achieved by using a laser screed such as the Dune Scorpion. Please visit Speedcrete for more information. Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

At a remarkably low price, you can now afford to add laser-controlled accuracy, productivity and cost-efficiency to your pours.

So how do I get started with a Laser Screed? This machine is available to hire from Speedcrete, if you have never used a laser Screed system before we can arrange to give you onsite training which will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to operate this ride-on laser screed. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your project we are happy to talk you through the process. Call: 01722 416 196 or email: [email protected] this machine is available to purchase, we find that going through the process of a demonstration and hire will give you the confidence in this process.

Concrete Laser Screed. Speedcrete demonstrate, hire and sell laser screeds for grading concrete to a high accuracy. The Dune SLS Scorpion is available now in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about the Laser Screeding Dune SLS Scorpion please Click Here.