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  1. Used Masterpac 46'' Ride on Trowel #75
    Used Masterpac 46'' Ride on Trowel #75
    Excl. Tax £4,650.00
    Incl. Tax £4,650.00
  2. Used Multivibe HMV19005
    Used Multivibe HMV19005
    Excl. Tax £850.00
    Incl. Tax £1,020.00
  3. Used Multivibe HMV20131
    Used Multivibe HMV20131
    Excl. Tax £1,250.00
    Incl. Tax £1,500.00
  4. Used Rotoscreed - RH1142980
    Used Rotoscreed - RH1142980
    Excl. Tax £2,250.00
    Incl. Tax £2,700.00
  5. Used Equipment Serial No used-hmv20137
    Used Multivibe HMV20137
    Excl. Tax £1,100.00
    Incl. Tax £1,320.00
  6. Used Multivibe HMV19499
    Used Multivibe HMV19499
    Excl. Tax £950.00
    Incl. Tax £1,140.00
  7. Used Bunyan Roller Striker HY506D
    Used Bunyan Roller Striker HY506D
    Excl. Tax £4,500.00
    Incl. Tax £5,400.00
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Used Concreting Equipment

We regulary sell items directly from our own rental fleet. This helps you to purchase the latest and greatest in machines & equipment at an affordable price. All of the machines you see listed here are machines that have been in our own rental fleet from new. They have been expertly maintained in our workshops and have a full service history from new.

If you require a particular make, model or brand of used machine please contact us. and we will endeavour to supply you with the correct machine.

Used Power Screeds Used Power screeds consist mainly of used roller strikers and used vibratory power screeds. Vibratory power screeds are used to flood pour and level the slab in one operation. We have a large number in our hire fleet avilable for sale. If you looking for a used power screed then you cannot go far wrong with the multivibe which features the industries strongest float bar. Coupled with the quick reales bar system makes this the best option for a used powerscreed purchase.

Used Roller Strikers We regularly sell the Original Hydraulic Bunyan Striker and the market leading Multivibe power screed which features the industries only quick release removable bar system. We also have the occasional used mini roller striker but these tend to sell almost as soon as they are advertised on our website so pleas check back regularly for the best offers on all our used roller strikers. We have a large number of used Bunyan Striker Screeds in stock and available for sale. Choose a used power screed to level the concete before final finishing.

Hire Mini Roller Striker The hire mini roller striker was designed for contractors who typically are laying bay sizes up to 6 meters wide. Renting a mini roller striker is the ideal method to lay concrete slabs when utilizing roadforms and typically used on external pours and jobs where tolerances are critical. Hire a mini roller striker for a lightweight, cost effective machine that gets the job quickly and accurately.

Hire Bunyan Striker The Bunyan Striker revolutionised the way concrete was laid with the UK. By hiring a roller striker from Speedcrete you will receive a hire machine & striker tube that is in tip top condition, accurate and straight that helps you to levels your slab accurately to tight tolerances. This is the original machine designed & manufactured in the USA and you will find no better roller striker to hire on the UK market.

Used Power Trowels We can supply a huge range of used and ex hire power trowels from our own rental fleet. Expertly maintained and with a large choice and priced depending upon age and service you have a large fleet of machine to choose when purchased your used power trowel. We stock both used pedestrian & ex hire walk behind power trowels as well as used Ride on power Floats in a variety of size to suit your organisation. We have used electric power trowels, Used diesel power floats and more traditional ex hire petrol power trowels as well for a full choice of ex hire concrete equipment.

Used Concrete Vibrators Also sold directly from our own hire fleet are lightweight concrete vibrators & concrete pokers. These machines are excellent at expelling air from slabs which is trapped when concete is pumped or poured into the slab from Pumps, Skips & Dumpers. Our lightweight concrete slab pokers are especially poular allowing you to quickly vobrate the concrete with minimal fuss or hassle. It's design means the machine is kept out of the concrete which is great for serviceability and product life. Used Finishing Tools Occasionally we have used concrete finishing tools become available as part of demonstration of new concrete tools or specials that are available through our rental fleet. Please be assured only the best quality concrete tools will feature in our used concrete finishing tools section.