Channel Floats

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  • Channel Radius Floats with Gearbox

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  • Channel Radius Float Blade

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  • Outrigger Sets

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  • Double Boy Float

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  • This Marion Bullfrog system allows you to float a fresno across a super wide pours with ease and accuracy, this product can be motorised for ease of use and consistency. available in the United Kingdom via Speedcrete.

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  • Outriggers [Pair] Stainless Steel set c/w Collar

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Channel floats

Ensuring that a concrete floor is level and consistent is an essential part of a mason's job and one that, were it not done neatly and accurately, could compromise the quality of an entire project.

Concrete floats are therefore a vital tool and here at Speedcrete we have many different varieties on offer including ride-on power trowels, pedestrian types and channel floats.

In this range, you will find high-quality accessories and the Double Boy model. See below for brief descriptions of each tool or click on the products for more detail.

Channel radius float blade only

If you need to float a large area, you will want a tool that can make your job easier and more efficient.

The channel radius variety is one such product that helps the user to work more economically on big jobs and is ideal for high-tolerance floors.

Lightweight, a long task is made more comfortable and easier for the mason, while strength and durability are not compromised.

A "twin edge" design on the latest model increases the performance of this already very effective machine.

Applying the item at 90 degrees to the surface, the front edge trims uneven areas to leave a perfectly flat floor, while the rounded edge to the rear of the machine reduces lap marks and ensures that any dips in the material are filled.

On this page, you will find the blade suitable for this machine only, please be sure to order the channel radius complete for a knucklehead gearbox and snap handles.

Outrigger sets

Accuracy is especially important when using a float and any item that could improve the precision of their work is a welcome addition to any construction professional's toolkit.

These stainless steel outriggers and braces are designed to be used on channel floats and concrete bump cutters, improving the rigidity of the equipment to make it easier to complete a job to a high standard.

The sets include a lock collar to allow a secure fitting to alumunium snap handles and are designed to attach to the machinery through the use of the clevis pin and yoke.

We recommend utilising this product on floats higher than eight feet where the tolerance of the surface is critical.

Please note that you will need to order two numbers of each kind of bracket, the outer stay variety should be chosen for a bump cutter and aluminium snap handles are not included.

The double boy

This innovative double channel float automatically adjusts its level no matter which direction it is pulled in, ensuring a consistent and even surface.

Ideal for low slump concrete and pavement quality jobs, we recommend its use on high-tolerance floors and wide bays that may otherwise be difficult to access with traditional handles.