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Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Traditional Bump Cutter Kit

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These heavy duty bump cutters help to produce super flat concrete surfaces. Use this tool to cut down the extra layer of concrete by cutting bumps which helps smooth the surface. This concrete levelling tool is used by concrete professionals to speed up the finishing times on large areas of the concrete.
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10ft Heavy Duty BC Complete 400150
12ft Heavy Duty BC Complete 400155
Traditional Bump Cutter Kit

Our Heavy duty bump cutter magnesium super flat straightedge tool is used for smoothing and flattening the surface of the concrete at the plastic stage. Typically used for attaining super flat and high tolerance floors as well as removing high spots from other concrete types including pavement quality.

Contents of the complete kit

  • Your choice of length bar (10ft or 12ft) which comes complete with heavy duty knucklehead, the stainless steel outriggers for stability and 3 Aluminium snap handles which have a 45mm diameter.
  • This kit is easily put together by sliding the outrigger connector ring onto your aluminium snap handle which is then connected to the the knucklehead gear-box, the flat ends of the outrigger bars connect to the threaded section of the ring and the angled outrigger ends connect to the brackets attached to either side of the bump cutter bar.

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