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The bricklayers bucket is full of high quality bricklaying tools, manufactured by both Kraft Tool and W.rose, supplied in a convienient bucket tool bag. This is an ideal gift for a new masonry professional who is starting out.

This array of tools has been specially thought out to give you what you will need as a bricklayer.

Please scroll down to see the breakdown of the contents.

A selection of professional bricklaying tools available to purchase as a kit. The Bricklayer Bucket is a combination of 14 different brick tools, ranging from Jointers to Trowels and Corner Blocks to Braided Lines.

A bucket full of a variety of tools which is a perfect starter set for an aspiring Bricklayer, this collection of bricklaying essentials contains tools manufactured by both Kraft Tool and W.Rose for guaranteed quality.


  • W Rose Bricklayers Bag
  • Bricklayers Bucket 
  • 13" Soft Horeshair Brush
  • Barbell Jointer
  • Corner Blocks
  • 5½" W Rose Leather Pointing Trowel
  • Original Hubbard Jointer
  • Skate Wheel Joint Raker
  • 1/2" Bullhorn Jointer
  • 10" W Rose Philadelphia Leather Trowel
  • Long Handle Wash Brush Plastic Bristles 
  • Sand 48” Pro Combo Pack
  • Rose Brick Hammer
  • W Rose Tuff Braided twine


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