W.Rose Brick Hammer

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Chip away at brick, stone or tile with this bricklayer hammer. This heavy-duty brick hammer has 24 oz. head to provide force when chipping away at stone and brick.

The head is forged from the highest quality tool steel. A 1-1/8"x1-1/16" flat face provides a solid base when used with brick and tile chisels. The other side of the 7-3/" head features a chisel end for breaking brick and stone.

The handle is properly balanced to create the perfect amount of leverage when striking. The 10-3/4" smooth wood handle allows for a comfortable grip when working in masonry. 

  • Strong steel head
  • Square flat face is great on its own or with a chisel
  • Chisel end for breaking brick, block, and stone
  • 24 oz. strong steel head
  • Smooth wood handle

WARNING: Always wear eye protection when using this tool.

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