Hire 36" Electric Power Trowel

Hire our 36" electric power float. Electric power floats are great for confined areas or sites subjected to strict noise requirements such as those in central London. Please call us on numbers below or click the enquire button below and complete our hire enquiry form and we will be in touch. Kings Lynn: 01553 829530 Salisbury: 01722 416196 Scotland: 0141 849 0077 Stafford: 01785 332891

Hire one of our Barikell 36" Electric Power Trowels. The 36" Electric power float is great for finishing slabs in confined areas or where noise is a concern, such as residential areas in central London

Our 36" electric power trowel runs on 110V and requires a 5KV power source. It can be run from a generator or transformer and can be run up to 30 meters from the power source via a 32amp extension lead.

For operators wishing to use pans the unit can be supplied with clip on float shoes. These extend the surface area of the blades to enable the operator to get onto the slab earlier and performs the same role as normally would be done by a pan.


  • Closed Protection Cage @900mm 36"
  • 32 Amp Sockets
  • Stiff Handle 1320MM
  • 4 Blades
  • Electric 3.5 HP 110v 50Hz
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