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Straightedge & Measuring Wedge

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Surface regularity can be checked with the use of either a 2 metre or 3 metre straight edge. This method of testing is described in both BS8204-Part 1:2003 and BS8204-Part 2:2003. A 2m straight edge is used in both specifications. These tools are usually but not always specified on mezzanine decks or retail units where tiling is to be received.
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2mtr Straight Edge c/w Support Blocks 26550
3mtr Straight Edge c/w Support Blocks 26555
Metric Calibrated Measurement Wedge 26570
Straightedge & Measuring Wedge

straight edge and graduated wedge

Ensuring a surface is even and smooth once concrete finishing is completed is a vital task for construction professionals eager to leave an accurate and neat job.

These straight edges are excellent for measuring the lateral regularity of a road or floor and can be used with aluminium wedge blocks, which allow the user to determine how accurate the work is on the vertical plain as well. The Metric Calibrated Measurment Wedge is then used to take the measurment, please purchase this tool seperately available on this page above.

The 3m straightedge was superseded by a new 2m straight edge and is the method is adopted in the current BS 8204, BS EN 13670 execution of concrete structures, the National Structural Concrete Specification and National Building Specification. Both straightedges are offered to contractors working to both the old and new specifications.

It should be noted that both of the British standards state that ‘Where the straight edge basis for specification is used it is advisable for the various interested parties in a contract to agree the sampling rate for testing the floor to check conformity, and the procedures to adopt if conformity is not achieved, before the floor is constructed. Such agreement should include the number of positions where the straight edge will be placed to check conformity’.

The wedge blocks which are fitted to either end of the product supports the item as well as providing a set height between the surface and the beam.

It is easy to check for irregularities with this item, as it provides the operator with a visual indicator of the evenness of any slab.

Optional 2.5 mm incremented wedges are available, which offer a range of 12.5 mm low to 12.5 mm high.


  • Size 25 x 76 x 3000mm weight 3.54kg
  • 2m/3m lightweight aluminium straight edge with carrying loops
  • Optional calibrated metric graduated measuring wedges marked every 2.5mm available
  • Measuring range 12.5mm low to 12.5mm high


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