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Metalshield Plant & Formwork Protector

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Metalshield provides outstanding protection to metal surfaces when equipment is anticipated to be stored or shipped for a long period of time. This product also forms a layer of protection which makes cleaning hardened concrete from machinery a much faster process.
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An essential part of work on a construction site is the removal of concrete deposits from any type of plant equipment that comes into contact with the material. This can be a time-consuming and laborious chore without the right cleaning agent, but with Metalshield it could be a quick and easy task.

Combining special corrosion-inhibiting agents and petroleum distillates, this product is easy to use, extremely effective and gives a strong, efficient performance.

In fact, we at Speedcrete have so much confidence in Metalshield that we use it to protect all of our hire equipment, saving us hours on the tedious job of manually removing concrete and replacing it with a five-minute jetwash.

This product provides outstanding protection to metal surfaces when equipment is anticipated to be stored or shipped for a long period of time.

It works by displacing water and forming a waxy layer that is dry, flexible and reliable. This coating prevents the adhesion of building materials to tools or plants and helps to protect them from corrosion, which has the potential to damage expensive machinery. 

You could save time on the cleaning process and money on worn property with MetalShield.



  • All existing contamination should be carefully removed.
  • The equipment should then be washed thoroughly with clean water.
  • Metalshield should then be applied as a single thin coat using a spray, brush or roller in a well ventilated area.

  • Store in a cool, well ventilated area.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • The floor of the storage room must be impermeable to prevent the escape of liquids.

  • Skin Contact ~ Remove all contaminated clothes and footwear immediately unless stuck to skin. Wash immediately with plently of soap and water.
  • Eye contact~ Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Consult a doctor.
  • Ingestion ~ Wash out mouth with water. Consult a doctor
  • Inhalation ~ Remove casualty from exposure ensuring one's own safety whilst doing so. Consult a doctor.
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