K Form Top Strip Angle Joint

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Top Strip Angle Joints integrate seamlessly with K-FORM K85 and K135 Screed Rails. They provide a clean and tidy joint detail at intersections and should be used when it is intended to leave the topstrip in place 155 mm after pouring.

Designed for pours of 100 mm-140 mm thick concrete (when used in conjunction with K25 Riser).

This product is used with the innovative recycled time and money saving uPVC sacrrificial screed rail system.

Made from 100% recycled materials, K-FORM is lightweight, durable and does not require removal after placement of concrete. It is easyily cut to length on site and has pre-drilled holes in the vertical face for placing steel dowel bars and in the base for anchoring. The patented design of K-FORM features a removal top strip for joint sealing and it’s unique end clips allow for a quick and easy operation.

Intended to be used with all types of screes including: twin beams, roller strikers, vibratory strikers etc...

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