Dowel Bar Sleeves

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Dowel Bar Sleeves are used in the concrete industry to reduce the frictional resistance present when using dowel rods to connect two or more concrete slabs. These sleeves are great for allowing movement to the dowel joints in the concrete which is an important part of  long-term slab stability.

Sleeves are manufactured from flexible high-grade PVC and sold as singles.

We have three sizes available:

12mm diametre by 450mm length
16mm diametre by 300mm length
20mm diametre by 300mm length



Grouped product items
Product Name Price Stock Code
20x300mm DBS20/300
12x450mm DBS12/450
16x300mm DBS16/300

Dowel bar de-bonding sleeves are manufactured from high grade, flexible PVC and are designed to form a positive de-bonded dowelled joint in reinforced concrete construction.

A more effective alternative to using epoxy coating on dowel rods, dowel rod sleeves allow concrete to expand and contract with ambient temperature. This reduces the transfer of stress on parts of the concrete and therefore helps to minimise the chances of cracking occurring due to temperature fluctuations.

In reinforced concrete slabs, dowel bars are inserted in between layers of reinforcement mesh at (approximately) 300mm centres. To be effective, only one half of the dowel rod is debonded (i.e. encased in a sleeve). The other half is not treated and will remain fixed in place within the concrete.

The length of dowel used depends on the particular joint method; contraction joints require shorter dowel rods and therefore bar sleeves, than expansion joints.

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