Blue Steel Concrete Edging Trowels

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Concrete Edging Trowels are designed to move smoothly along edges of concrete walkways and slabs to prevent edges from chipping with wear. Speedcrete supplies a range of Steel Blue edging trowels which are made by Kraft Tools with a ProForm Handle to suit the radius you require.
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150mmx25mmx6mm (6"x1"x1/4") CF568PF
150mmx25mmx12mm (6"x1"x1/2") 704565A
150mmx37mmx6mm (6"x1 1/2"x1/2") SC704566A
150mmx50mmx12mm (6"x2"x1/2") SC704567
150mmx62mmx6mm (6"x2-1/2"x1/4") 704568
150mm x 75mm x 6mm (6"x3"x1/4") 704569
150mmx75mmx12mm (6"x3"x1/2") CF570PF
150mmx100mmx6mm (6"x4"x1/4") 704572
150mmx100mmx12mm (6"x4"x1/2") 704574
150mmx100mmx12mm (6"x4"x3/4") CF571PF
225mmx100mmx6mm (9"x4"x1/4") 704578
225mmx100mmx12mm (9"x4"x1/2") 704580
225mmx150mmx12mm (9"x6"x3/8") CF596
225mmx150mmx6mm (9"x6"x1/4") 704582
225mmx150mmx12mm (9"x6"x1/2") 704584
150mmx100mmx25mm (6"x4"x1") CF675PF

Blue Steel Edging Trowels

More commonly known as Arris Trowels these blue carbon steel edging trowels are useful tool for any concrete finishing professionals looking to create a curved edge finish.

The tempered spring steel and flexible lightweight blades of these trowels have just that right amount of give - allowing you to remain in control of the application.

The comfy ProForm® handle slots onto the steel mounting blade via 3 solid rivets, these products are strong and well-crafted to last.

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