8' [2.4mtr] Easy-Grip Tamp Beam

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This concrete tamp beam is manufactured in magnesium which is up to 30% lighter than aluminium based alloy screeds. Magnesium, in addition is a much 'stiffer' alloy which makes the tamp retain a straight and true shape which prevents sag.

Super-tough lightweight magnesium tamp beams

Speedcrete is proud to present these excellent tamp beams - the perfect tool for anyone with concrete finishing needs.

Made from magnesium, these products are ultra-lightweight - weighing up to 30 per cent less than other brands - so they can be transported easily.

However, this tool does not compromise on strength and durability, with the metal alloy remaining straight and maintaining rigidity for far longer than other screeds, while the stiffness also works to eliminate sag. Made by Kraft - a well-known and trusted brand - these are excellently-crafted products, guaranteed to give a good performance. They are available with adjustable tamp or saw beam handles, which come in useful during high-tolerance jobs.


  • Manufactured from magnesium, lightweight and high rigidity
  • Available with Fixed or adjustable tamp beam handles or saw beam handles for high tolerance jobs
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