Masterpac Ride on Power Trowel PRT364

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Ride-on trowel PRT364 has a diameter of 2 x 910 mm and is designed to possess high productivity and comfort operating. It is an efficient and cost-effective choice for accurate and large scale concrete surface finishing.

Ride-on trowel works efficiently and cost-effective for accurate and highly productive finishing of large concrete surface and super FF flat floor tolerance. Masterpac ride on power trowel is also known as concrete finishing machine, ride on power float and ride on trowel machine. Compared with walk behind type power trowel, the ride on power trowel reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

No matter the task, MASTERPAC offers a full line of ride-on trowels to suit every need. Each machine is made using heavy-duty steel and equipped with a high-horsepower engine to ensure that it gets the job done right the first time. Each trowel comes with a full set of finishing blades to get you started. Additional blades are available depending on your needs.

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