Mahogany Wood Cement Floats

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These floats are made from Californian Mahogany and are available in 4 sizes. These floats are used for smoothing concrete surfaces around the edges of bays/slabs.




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Mahogany Wooden floats

As professional construction workers need the best and most effective tools, a luxury item like a mahogany wooden float can make their lives easier and their work more efficient.

This premium-grade item is a very high-quality concrete finishing product, suitable for experienced masons that know exactly what attributes equipment must have to assist them in their tasks.

The trowels can be made to your specifications so you know you'll get the tool you're looking for.

Strong and tough, mahogany is hardwood that can withstand the pressured environment of the jobsite and the tough conditions it will encounter there.

Manufactured in the USA from sustainable forests, this item is also environmentally-friendly - a concern that has come to the forefront in recent times and is increasingly important to many of us.


  • Manufactured in the USA from sustainable forests.
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