Low Vibration Heavy Duty Scabbler - Single Head - SH1

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Low vibration single head heavy duty scabbler.

The SH1 single head scabbler is the ideal tool for roughing and preparing concrete in small areas such as concrete joints. This tool is used with compressed air hoses and works best with a maximum of 10M length hose.

Limit the length of air hose to 10M (33ft). Where extra length is necessary, for each additional 15M (50ft) of air hose used, the pressure drop is approximately 0.16bar (3psi).

Correct operating pressure is 6.2bar (90 psi).


  • Removal of laitance
  • Roughening and exposing aggregate
  • Preparing joints and cracks
  • Removing coatings
  • Reduction and levelling


  • Single replaceable tough carbide tipped piston for fast production and long service life
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use - Also available with a short handle for tight areas
  • Simple and robust design for easy maintenance
  • Optional Trelawny Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system for operator safety
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