Vibro-Lo™ Pole Scabbler VL LRS55

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The VL LRS55 is a powerful long reach scabbler for vertically preparing hard to reach areas. At 1.4 metres in length it allows scabbling below the reinforcement bar. The powerful blow quickly removes concrete without damaging the underlying substrate. Vibro-Lo™ low vibration system fitted as standard, helping to reduce risks to operators of vibration related injuries.


    • Replaceable pin fit carbide tipped scabbling heads
    • Long handle for extended reach into inaccessible areas
    • Angled air inlet to direct hose away from operator
    • Hand guard to protect operator


    • Heavy scabbling of hard to access areas such as below re-inforcement bars and between shuttering Scabbling of corners, edges and joints
    • Fast removal of material
    • Aggressive keying without damaging the substrate
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