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Elite Series Golden Stainless Steel Sq-Sq Wood Grip

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Elite trowels gold stainless steel with wooden handle.

Broken-in and ready for use! Designed and engineered for the professional finisher. Heat-treated golden stainless steel blade is made of a special alloy that will not rust, pit, or stain.

The hardened steel holds its edge even after extended use. Each trowel is made with state-of-the-art machinery that grinds the blade to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. Greater flexibility and durability of the blade reduces fatigue when finishing concrete.

The square blade finishes all the way to the corners to complete projects large and small. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminium mounting stands up to the rigors of concrete work. Compression fit stainless steel power pin rivets attach the mounting to the blade. 









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An oversized toe rivet provides extra strength when applying pressure during finish work. Guaranteed No-Turn handle design locks the handle to mounting.

Kraft Tool's premium flat trowel with patented laminated hardwood handle (US Patent #D584,126) provides a comfortable grip. The uniquely colored handle is distinctive and easy to spot on a jobsite. The contoured camelback shape of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip.

Precision balanced, ready to use
Strong heat-treated golden stainless steel blade
Special alloy will not rust, pit, or stain
Hardened steel blade holds its edge
Blade is precision ground for the perfect finish
Square ends finishes to corners
High-strength, lightweight aluminium mounting
Over-sized toe rivet for extra strength
Compression fit rivet construction for strength
Stainless steel rivets
Guaranteed "no-turn" handle
Patented laminated hardwood handle
Comfortable grip to minimise fatigue
Vibrant colored handle is easy to spot on the jobsite

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