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Professional Concrete & Bricklaying Tools

Curved Stainless Hand Edgers

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Take a look at our range of Curved Stainless steel hand edgers.

Choose from a range of stainless steel blades which move smoothly along the edges of concrete pathways and slabs.

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150x100x12mm Curved Stainless Hand Edger [6"x4"x½"r] CFE165KC
200x100x12mm Curved Stainless Hand Edger [6"x4"x½"r] CFE166KC
200x100x6mm Curved Stainless Hand Edger [6"x4"x¼"r] CFE168KC
Curved Stainless Hand Edgers

These edgers are used by Concrete Finishing Professionals to create a curved lip on the edge of concrete slabs. Used for decoratice means this process also helps to prevent the edges from chipping with wear.

This tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on pathways and small projects. Both ends curve up to easily glide back and forth across the surface without gouging. A steel mounting welded to blade attaches the cork handle for comfortable use.

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