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It is essential that every masonry task is completed with excellence and professionalism, which is why construction workers appreciate the availability of high-quality tools that can increase their accuracy and efficiency.

Here at Speedcrete, we strive to ensure that every product we offer meets the standards that the user expects - in durability, strength and performance.

The groovers supplied in this range are no exception. Those who need to make grooves in concrete surfaces will welcome these extremely well designed and hardy items that will last for many years.

Have a look through the brief descriptions below to see which product best suits your needs or click on a tool to read more detailed information.

Bronze hand groovers

Those marking or cutting concrete on the jobsite will not be disappointed by this industry-excellent groover.

Finishing surfaces is a vital task for the professional mason and without reliable and precise equipment their job will be made much harder.

This product is manufactured in bronze to ensure its durability. It simply won't wear out and let you down like other, lower quality materials can.

A long-lasting tool like this will not go amiss on the construction site where efficiency and strength are key.

Without needing to replace components or worry about the reliability of the gear you are using, productivity will be boosted.

Concrete walking groovers

This product is the ideal tool for those construction professionals who want to reduce the strain of grooving.

As it is a walking machine, the pressure on the hard-working mason's back is removed and they can enjoy their work more comfortably.

Not only that, but the tedious task of cleaning is even made easier, as deposits can be removed from this product quickly and simply so there is no longer a need to stay late, chipping away at mortar on your gear.

As it is belt-polished, this item is also incredibly precise, leaving clean, smooth and sharp grooves that are always accurate and help the operator to finish a job neatly and accurately.

Either a single-ended or double-ended bit, they are made from one piece of bronze that has been turned up at the end.

A remarkably durable material, bronze just won't let you down - unlike other more traditional substances, it will not wear out and will last in prime condition for many years.  

Increasing the precision of this tool even more is the special design of the slide railer, which ensure that the groover follows forms and straightedges with total accuracy - leaving behind an excellent-quality finish.

Groover bit attachments

Simply and quickly sliding onto a magnesium bullfloat, these groover bit attachments could save you time and energy during the finishing of concrete surfaces.

Made of bronze - an extremely durable metal that simple won't wear down like some traditional materials can - it is strong, long-lasting and highly accurate.

This tool is incredibly useful for creating 'dummy' joints during floating and fixing it to your equipment is remarkably easy and efficient.

Tightening using incorporated thumb screws, it will take you no time at all, so work needn't come to a standstill while you're fiddling with awkward components.