240 Volt Concrete Curing Tanks

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These 240 volt Concrete Curing Tanks are used for testing of concrete which has been compacted in cube moulds.

Curing concrete cubes in a temperature-controlled water tank ensures the concrete will cure without losing moisture. This is critical to ensure an accurate representation of strength during a concrete cube crushing test.

The site curing tanks come with digital heating control, a galvanised support rack, and a mains electricity cable and plug. A thermostat maintains water temperature at the set temperature +/- 1˚C.

Choose the 12 or 24 cube capacity 240v tanks based on a cube size of 150mm.

Download the guide to Concrete Cube Testing by clicking the image below.

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The 240 volt range of concrete curing tanks are perfect for onsite application (where the use of RCD's are permitted) or in a traditional labratory environment where a rugged and durng curing tank is required.

Our 240v concrete curing tanks feature both a 12 concrete cube mould version and a 24 concrete test cube version for larger testing requirements.

Both curing tanks are supplied ready to go and feature a heater, temperature controller and galvanised cube support rack. The curing tanks will maintain the temperature of the water through a thermostatic controller at the required 20°C and are accurate to +/- 1°C. This allows for a far greater degree of accuracy than traditional methods

Model: A12-240V
Power: 230 Volt.
Dimensions: 660mm x 480mm x 510mm
Capacity: 12 x 150mm cubes

Model: B24-240V
Power: 230 Volt
Dimensions: 970mm x 610mm x 610mm
Capacity: 24 x 150mm cubes


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