Sikaflex 406-KC-Booster

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Sikaflex®-406 KC Booster can be added to Sikaflex®-406 KC to speeds up the homogeneous curing throughout the entire sealant. This booster can be used when the sealant requires rapid completion.

Sikaflex®-406 KC Booster is the safe and reliable joint sealing solution choice for your projects.

Increasing the speed of construction works has been a driver of innovation for many years. Sika developments in this direction have included admixtures for reducing concrete hardening times and increasing early-age strengths.

The Sikaflex 406 Booster is supplied in a 150ml foil pack


Sikaflex®-406 KC may only be used by experienced professionals.

▪  Connection joints between steel, defined asphalt types, concrete, granite, rails in track superstructure, roads and floors

▪  Movement joints in road and airport pavements, pedestrian and traffic areas and other situations where early exposure to traffic is required

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