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Sikaflex®-406 KC is especially designed for elastic joint sealing between rails, adjacent surfaces and with Icosit KC products.

Sikaflex®-406 KC is a 1-part self-levelling booster accelerated elastic floor joint sealant with high mechanical and chemical resistance. Rapid and homogeneous curing throughout the entire sealant is achieved by the addition of the Sikaflex®-406 KC Booster.


Sikaflex®-406 KC may only be used by experienced professionals.

▪ Connection joints between steel, defined asphalt types, concrete, granite, rails in track superstructure, roads and floors

▪ Movement joints in road and airport pavements, pedestrian and traffic areas and other situations where early exposure to traffic is required


▪ Movement capability +25%
▪ Low stress on joint edges
▪ Very high mechanical and chemical resistance e.g. to diesel and jet fuel
▪ Recessed and broadcasted joints can be opened to traffic after 3 hours


▪  CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to EN 15651-4 - Sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings - Sealants for pedestrian walkways

▪  CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to EN 14188-2 - Joint fillers and sealants – Part 2: Specifications for cold applied sealants

▪  Performance Test DIN EN 15651-4:2012-09, Sikaflex®-406 KC, SKZ, Test report No. 131282/18-ll

▪  Testing of Properties DIN EN 14188-2:2005-03, Sikaflex®-406 KC, SKZ, Test report No. 131282/18-l

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