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Big Blue Trowels

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  • The Big Blue concrete finishing float available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • The big Blue kit comes with 3 snap handle bars, and a Knucklehead II tilt action gear box. Available from Speedcrete.

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  • Plexiglass Plastic Bullfloat

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  • Big Blue Trowel | Blade Only

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Big Blue Concrete Trowel / Easy Floats

Finishing concrete surfaces to a professional standard is not only essential in order to leave a job looking neat, but can be vital to the safety and security of a structure.

Such a task requires accurate, efficient and high-performing tools and, since it can be physically demanding work, the comfort of the operator is important too.

Speedcrete offer a whole host of different tools and equipment that can help to make the job of floating easier, quicker and more precise, including power trowels and concrete bumpcutters.

The Big Blue concrete glider float is another of the products Speedcrete offers to tackle the problem of uneven floors.

Big Blue concrete glider with knucklehead

Forged from British blue carbon steel, this highly durable and strong machine is a high-quality and reliable piece of equipment that far outperforms plastic alternatives.

The carbon blade imbues the tool with a greater flexibility which leaves the surface of the material being floated extra smooth.

This product is an extremely handy one to have around for those who are constructing house bases, tackling sewage treatment projects or any other job that requires the use of the Bunyan Striker tube, because when the float and the tube are used in conjunction there is often little need to use a power trowel.

Float pitch variation is controlled by the knucklehead gearbox that is provided, making the tool adaptable as well as efficient.

In fact, nothing about this product is fixed when you buy from Speedcrete as we can provide you with a whole range of alterations and fulfill bespoke requirements.

If the tool is needed for work in a precast factory, for instance, it can be supplied with handles on each end.

We can also be flexible with the size of the item, selling them from two to eight feet from this website or, alternatively, people looking for a particular specification can have their Big Blue concrete glider made to order. Just contact us and tell us what you need.

If you would like to receive three hardy, aluminium snap handles with your Big Blue trowel, make sure you order the complete kit.

Again, we at Speedcrete can adapt the product in whatever way suits your needs with any quantity of handles available to our customers and if you're just looking for the blade, we can offer that too.

The Big Blue trowel can be used with a float adaptor kit and Broomhead so that it can be utilised to conduct brush finishing work, but please be sure to order these items separately as they are not included with the machine.