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Concrete bumpcutters

A flat and consistent surface is essential when completing a floor, both to leave a job looking neat and professional and to ensure the safety and stability of a structure, which is why high-performance tools that aid in this task are such an important piece of kit for construction professionals.

At Speedcrete, we have a wide range of items on offer to make this kind of work more economical, efficient and accurate, from ride-on or pedestrian power trowels to channel floats and, on this page, bumpcutters.

This range includes three such machines and one high-quality blade.

For more information, check the brief descriptions below or click on the products to see more detail.

Heavy-duty bump butter blade only

This heavy-duty bumpcutter blade is ideal for smoothing and flattening the surface of plastic concrete, particularly for high-tolerance floors, although it is also very adept at trimming uneven spots on other materials including pavement quality concrete.

Made from magnesium, this extremely durable and high-quality tool comes with brackets, however for the complete set please order our bumpcutter complete, which includes a knucklehead gearbox, outriggers and snap handles.

Lightweight concrete bumpcutter

This product is a lightweight variety, increasing the ease at which it can be moved around a large site or between jobs and also reducing strain to the user.

An innovative magnesium extrusion ensures a rigid and secure structure that can improve accuracy of floating.

Also suitable for use as a straightedge checking tool, this machine is double-purpose and is especially useful with laserscreeds where it should be utilised at a 90 degree angle to the power screed pass.

The tool includes lightweight beam, brackets and outriggers, or order the complete version to receive a knucklehead gearbox and three snap handles as well.

Traditional bump cutter complete

This product comes as a full set with everything you will need to float accurately, easily and efficiently.

With magnesium super flat pavers, it is ideal for evening-out plastic concrete but can also be used to trim high spots on a variety of materials including pavement-quality surfaces.

Perfect for attaining smooth, high-tolerance floors, this is a durable and reliable machine that can withstand the potential knocks it may endure in a construction environment while remaining a high-performance tool.

The set includes a heavy-duty knucklehead gearbox, stainless steel outriggers and three snap handles.