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High Frequency Electric

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  • Spyder Pro Excel 38mm
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  • Spyder Pro Excel 50mm Head, 7m flex, 15m cable. The high frequency Spyder Pro is a compact and cost efficient concrete vibrator. Due to the converter and vibrator being an all in one package you don't need to purchase the equipment in 2 separate parts. Av
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  • Spyder Baby Pro Excel 38mm
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  • Spyder Baby Pro Excel 50mm

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  • Spyder Pro Excel 60mm

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  • Technoflex Gold High Frequency Vibrator

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  • Technoflex Rabbit Concrete Vibrators available in United Kingdom form Speedcrete concrete finishing equipment.

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  • Technoflex Silva High Frequency Poker

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Electric Concrete Vibrators

Electric concrete vibrators deliver the air-bubble-bursting power of their pneumatic and petrol-driven counterparts, with the assured energy source of a mains supply. If a project is based within reach of the mains electricity grid, they can help to make sure work is not interrupted by the need to refuel.

As with all concrete vibrators, their intention is to eliminate air pockets and bubbles beneath the surface of a floor or other structure, removing potential stress points and weaknesses to deliver a high-quality finish that will stand the test of time.

Technoflex Excel High Frequency Poker

The Technoflex Excel High Frequency Poker is a top-of-the-range option with good reach for work over a substantial radius. Its power cable alone measures in at 15 metres - almost 50 feet - so sockets some distance away from the job site itself should still be able to be used without the need for extension cables.

A hose length of seven metres extends the reach of the poker by almost half as much again, with protective rubber keeping the full length of the hose safe during operation. Meanwhile, the head length itself adds around 40 cm more to the poker's reach, depending on which model is specified.

Technoflex Rabbit High Frequency Poker

The Technoflex Rabbit High Frequency Poker is a versatile option which uses mechanical drive from an 18,000 rpm three-horsepower motor to power a 12,000 rpm head with a diameter anywhere between 25 and 60 mm. At the upper end of the range, 20 cubic metres of concrete can be processed per hour.

For smaller jobs, the smaller head delivers lightweight vibrations over a 20 cm action zone at a load on the user of less than a kilogram. Variable flexes can also be obtained at lengths between 1.5 and five metres - a quick-connect system means the different sizes can be swapped without fuss or delay.

Technoflex Silva High Frequency Poker

The Technoflex Silva High Frequency Poker has been designed with input from contractors, helping to overcome some of the most common problems with using concrete vibrators. For instance, the motor which delivers the vibration is mounted in the head itself, to reduce the stress felt by the user due to handle vibration.

High-frequency yet smooth vibration also helps to make sure that air bubbles are eliminated from the laid concrete without unnecessary surface spatter, to make sure any decorative finish or screeding can be completed without extra difficulty.