Brick Tool Accessories

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  1. Jag Clamp
    Ex VAT: £15.00 Inc. VAT: £18.00
    Because Jagclamp works on all size blocks and bricks, they eliminate the need for all the other line stretchers, line blocks and twigs a mason must carry in their bag. They attach and changes courses in seconds, reducing costly downtime and increase production Learn More
  2. Rubber Tip for Brick Handle
    Ex VAT: £1.85 Inc. VAT: £2.22
    Rubber tip to protect your trowel when knocking bricks into place. Softens blow and increases trowel life. Learn More
  3. Keeson ProChalk 5LB
    Ex VAT: £23.80 Inc. VAT: £28.56
    5LB Prochalk refill pack for use in our Ammo Chalk Box Learn More
  4. Kraft Tools Bricklayers Line Pins [4pack]
    Ex VAT: £7.25 Inc. VAT: £8.70
    Kraft Tools Tempered Steel Pins help you maintain accurate lines. Learn More
  5. Adjustable Yellow Brick Tong
    Ex VAT: £22.25 Inc. VAT: £26.70
    Adjustable brick tong can carry 6 to 10 bricks. Built for long wear and at a great price. Learn More
  6. Bucket Toolbags

    Starting at: Ex VAT: £8.95 Inc. VAT: £10.74

    Bucketbag tool bags provide a great and affordable way to carry and store your tools. The bag slots over a standard 5 gallon bucket. Toolbag available individually or complete with bucket. Learn More
  7. Bricklayers Bucket
    Ex VAT: £190.87 Inc. VAT: £229.04
    Bricklayers Bucket full of High Quality Bricklaying Tools, manufactured by both Kraft Tool and W.Rose, supplied in a convienient bucket tool bag. Learn More
  8. W Rose Steel Line Pins
    Ex VAT: £11.28 Inc. VAT: £13.54
    W Rose Steel line pins help maintain accurate lines and are precision forged for durability. Learn More
  9. Deluxe Nylon Tool Bags
    Ex VAT: £32.75 Inc. VAT: £39.30
    These deluxe nylon toolbags are perfect for the busy mason, finisher, mechanic or lineman who uses many durable, heavy-duty items in their work. As they are made from strong, heavy duty , nylon these cases can make even the heaviest products easily portable. Learn More
  10. Mason's corner and line blocks

    Starting at: Ex VAT: £1.99 Inc. VAT: £2.39

    W. Rose Masons Blocks Learn More

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