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Form-save/step-saver edgers

Construction professionals know it is important to have the very best tools when working with concrete.

Having top-quality products is vital not only for their strength, durability and accuracy, but for their versatility.

Because masons have a huge amount of different tasks to complete on the jobsite and the conditions and areas they are working in can be so varied, carrying an extensive toolkit can help them work efficiently and effectively no matter what situation comes up.

Many types of equipment have been specifically designed with the professional construction worker in mind and often these items are crafted for one particular purpose.

Form-saver or step-saver edgers are a good example, as they were created to be the best on the market for one task - making a mason's life easier when faced with awkward corners.

Finishing the edges of concrete can be a difficult job to complete neatly, especially if you are using tools that just aren't up to the work.

That's why experts use form-saver or step-saver edgers to ensure they are precise when rounding off bays and slabs.

Not only are these products perfect for corners, they're also very easy to use. 

Simply insert the item vertically between forms and when they are taken away you will be left with an immaculately smooth edge.

Although having such well-crafted and specified tools is a bonus to any mason, there is little point in owning a tool that you will constantly need to replace due to fault or damage.

With these form-saver or step-saver edgers, that issue will simply not come up, as they are incredibly strong and durable items that are guaranteed to last you years.

In fact, we at Speedcrete are confident you will be happy with the performance of this product due to its highly-experienced manufacturer.

Kraft Tools is a recognised, well-regarded and trusted brand, as are its sister companies W Rose, Sands, Superior and Hi-Craft.

These names are known among tradesmen for their promise of quality, strength and reliability and Speedcrete are proud to supply so much of their equipment.

Indeed, many of the products we supply are selected from Kraft Tools' range, including our groovers and trowels.

So if you're looking for a tool you can trust to accurately, easily and efficiently round corners, why not try form-saver or step-saver edgers? We're certain you won't be disappointed.