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Pneumatic Concrete Vibrators

Pneumatic concrete vibrators use air to drive any trapped bubbles out of your cementitious surfaces, ensuring solidity and removing the weakness that might otherwise be caused by gaps beneath the outer layers of the floor or form.

The construction of the vibrators means that the oscillations are achieved not through mechanical means, but through the movement of the air passing through them. As a result of this, there are fewer moving parts - only the head of the vibrator experiences the shearing forces associated with moving back and forth at high speed.

In turn, this helps to ensure continued operation without breakage, while reducing the number of parts that wear out and need to be replaced. In most cases, the head should be the only part that needs replacing in order to maintain optimal performance after prolonged periods of use.

Meanwhile, a range of different power outputs, in terms of both frequency and centrifugal force, can be chosen from in order to meet the needs of different jobs, from relatively low-impact vibration for detail work right up to five-figure force when a low-frequency, high-impact effect is desired.

Technoflex Air Vibrators

Technoflex air vibrators span the range of frequencies and power outputs. Model numbers from the VNF-25 up to the VNF-80 are named for the size of their head in millimetres. The VNF-80 is the heaviest at 14 kg - more than five times the weight of the VNF-25 and capable of 10,000 N of centrifugal force at a frequency of 9,500 rpm.

The VNF-25, meanwhile, runs faster at 14,000 rpm, but with less force, achieving 750 N which could be ideal for smaller projects or confined spaces. All of the models have the same length of hose, giving three metres of reach during use, with each unit in the range running at an air pressure of 6 kg per sq cm.

In terms of output, the VNF-25 is the smallest in the line-up at 3.8 cubic metres per hour - one-tenth that of the VNF-80. The VNF-50 is a mid-range option, capable of 11 cubic metres per hour at a frequency of 12,500 rpm and a centrifugal force of 4,000 N.

Technoflex's Huracan range of pneumatic concrete vibrators is a fine example of solid-state engineering helping to reduce maintenance demands. While only one moving part is required, it is treated with hardener to help combat wear and tear. The head of these vibrators also follows a hypocycloidal pattern when in motion, enabling a high load capacity and good vibration amplitude.