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Kraft Standard Tool Bag

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Kraft Standard Tool Bag

Polyester backed with PVC and a reinforced bottom make this light, but strong. Large zippered opening on this 20" x 8-1/2" bag easily fits tools and supplies inside.

The bag is 13-1/2" deep to accommodate many tools. A total of 6 inside and 6 outside pockets helps keep your tools organized. Soft handles and shoulder strap makes transporting your tools to and from the job site easy and comfortable.

Whether you work in concrete, masonry, plaster, drywall, EIFS, tile, or floor covering this versatile bag will help protect and organize your tools.

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Standard Canvas Tool bag from Kraft

Construction professionals value having all the best equipment and need a good carry case to transport it to the job site.

These deluxe nylon toolbags are perfect for the busy mason, finisher, mechanic or lineman who uses many durable, heavy-duty items in their work.

As they are made from strong durable nylon, these cases can make even the heaviest products easily portable and ensures many years of prolonged use.

The bags feature a strong zippered opening with 6 inside pockets and 6 outside pockets to help store all the smaller items and make things easy toget to.

They feature soft handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport to and from the jobsite


  • speedcrete
  • Reinforced bottom
  • 6 Inside Pockets
  • 6 External Pockets
  • Bag measures 20" x 8½" x 13½"
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