Blue Steel Concrete Trowels | Round-Round

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Choose from a selection of fine quality blue steel round end concrete trowels. All blades are manufactured in British blue carbon steel and produced by Kraft Tools.
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400mmx100mm rnd/ rnd CF737BPF
500mmx125mm rnd/ rnd CF740BPF
300mmx100mm rnd/ rnd CF721BPF
400mmx125mm rnd/ rnd CF742BPF
350mmx100mm rnd/ rnd CF736BPF
450mmx125mm rnd/ rnd CF741BPF
250mmx100mm Rnd/Rnd - Blue Steel Concrete Trowel SC370686

Blue steel concrete trowels - round round

Part of a range that offers unique-shaped trowels to suit different and specific tasks, this tool has two round edges that ensure a smooth finish to concrete.

The product is incredibly strong yet a little more flexible than other varieties as it is manufactured from blue steel - a quality which some professional masons prefer.

Easy to use, accurate and efficient, this high-class item won't let you down on a busy jobsite where downtime needs to be avoided.

You don't even have to break it in, as this process is done for you during the tool's manufacture, so it is ready for use immediately after purchase.

Using innovative techniques, the underside of the blade is skimmed, ensuring that it is prepared to finish concrete straight away.

Strong, durable and able to withstand the pressures of the jobsite, those who are looking for a well-crafted product have come to right place.

Why not take a closer look at our blue steel concrete trowels and see which unique shape best suits your needs?


Manufactured in british blue steel, with a choice of trowel shape. These trowels are 'broken- in' by factory skimming of the underside of the blade.

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