AE12 Aluminium Truss Screed

The Razorback 12EC Screed is a job-proven machine that permits faster placement of concrete slabs, with higher levelness (FL) numbers. The result is increased production and lower costs. This lightweight screed can be expanded in increments to meet the needs of each job.

Adjustable End Handle With Rollers
Feature - Adjustable End Handle With Rollers
A patented accessory that bolts to the end handles to provide support when edge forms are unavailable. The optional rollers help the screed advance.

Hydraulic Power Winches
Feature - Hydraulic Power Winches
Our new lighter weight power winches on 12EC screeds help you save labor.

Power Options
Feature - Power Options
Honda or Kawasaki power from 5.5 HP to 9.0 HP is available on our aluminum truss screeds.

Screed Cart
Feature - Screed Cart
A great accessory for transporting your truss screed around a job site.


2' (.61m)-Weight (lbs/Kg) 24/11
2.5' (.76m)-Weight (lbs/Kg) 34/17
5' (1.5m)-Weight (lbs/Kg) 60/28
7.5' (2.3m)-Weight (lbs/Kg) 90/41
Type of Vibrators RES (3/4" Shaft)
Engine RPM 3,600
Approximate Vibrations per Minute 7,200 Cycle Modes Per Minute
Reinforcing Boxes? No
Blades 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Manual Winches (lbs/Kg) Standard, DL 2500
Maximum Recommended Width (ft/m) 50' (15.2m)
5.5 HP Honda 90 lbs (41 kg)
Recommended Widths 10'-30'
8.0 HP Honda 115 lbs (52 kg)
Recommended Widths 25'-50'
5.5 HP Kawasaki 94 lbs (43 kg)
Recommended Widths 10'-30'
9.0 HP Kawasaki 125 lbs (57 kg)
Recommended Widths 25'-50'
Engine Mounts Straddle Mount
Lowest Concrete Slump (in/mm) 4" (102 mm)
Maximum Concrete Depth (in/mm) 6" (152 mm)
Power Winches (Available?) (lbs/Kg) Yes, Standard-Duty
Screed Cart (Recommended) Standard Duty
Lifting Hooks Available

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