The CreteSheet

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The CreteSheet
Introducing the CreteSheet; The Worlds simplest concrete mixer. Great for mixing up to 50kgs of concrete at a time
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CreteSheet Concrete Mixer

The World's simplest concrete mixer, the CreteSheet has revolutionized home improvement projects by making the daunting task of mixing concrete much easier. To use it, you simply place the dry mix in the center of the sheet, add water, then grab the handles and tumble the mix while leaving the weight on the ground. The sheet forms it own spout for easy no mess pouring. Popular Mechanics officials were amazed at the ease and durability of the product. Do-it-yourselfers can now throw out the wheelbarrow, shovel and other labor-intensive concrete mixing techniques by using the lightweight, durable, low-cost CreteSheet.

In two minutes or less, an 80 lb. bag of concrete can be mixed and poured - and when the project is finished, the CreteSheet cleans up by spraying with the garden hose. It is easy to use by either one or two persons and it is also useful for landscaping projects to mix/spread compost, potting soil, sand, fertilizer, seeds, etc.


1) Does the CreteSheet require two people to mix with it?

One person can use the CreteSheet by tying two of the handles together to a tree/post/truck tailgate with a bungee cord or strap about 30” off the ground. Then, alternately tumble the concrete with the other two handles to mix, occasionally stopping and pulling the concrete mixture back to the center of the sheet by the two handles which are tied together.

2) How long does it take to mix an 80 lb. bag of concrete with the CreteSheet?

You can mix an 80lb. bag of concrete in less than 90 seconds!

3) How strong are the handles?

The handles are ultrasonically welded on both sides of the sheet. Each handle is designed to hold 80lbs.

4) What size project is best for using the CreteSheet?

We recommend a CreteSheet for projects of 1-2 cubic yards or less. Check out our testimonials page to get an idea of the varying projects in which the CreteSheet was utilized.

5) How long will the CreteSheet last?

First you need to realize that the CreteSheet wears most on the bottom side of the sheet next to the ground. If you are mixing on a pile of gravel you will mix 60-80 80lbs. bags of concrete before it will need to be replaced. If you are mixing on grass, sand or a sheet of plywood, you will be able to mix well over 100 bags of concrete.

6) Are there any restrictions to using the CreteSheet?

Do not drag the CreteSheet across a rough area because you take the chance of ripping a large cut in the sheet. If this happens, a temporary repair can be made with the universal repair product “Duct Tape”. Clean both sides well before applying the tape.

7) Can you mix mortar with the CreteSheet?

Yes, it takes little longer. Initially, the mixture will slide inside the sheet, then, as the mixture starts to absorb water, the mortar will start folding as you tumble the mixture. The CreteSheet will not compete with a mechanically powered ribbon mixer; but, is as efficient as using a bucket, mixing tub or wheelbarrow.

8) Will the CreteSheet split under a cubic foot of concrete (or 120 lb.)?

No, the CreteSheet is a linear low density polyethylene which prevents the sheet from ripping or tearing if a hole is formed. After many uses the sheet may start to have small holes appear, however, this is not a problem, you can continue to mix with the CreteSheet.

9) Can the CreteSheet mix other special concrete or epoxy mixes?

Portland mixes present no problem. Epoxy mixes, specialty mixes or any questionable mixes should be tried on a small section of the CreteSheet perimeter to assure no chemical incompatibility will cause the sheet to fail during mixing.