Ecocure Sealer 25 Litres

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Ecocure Sealer is a water based, low odour, membrane forming liquid for curing, sealing and dust-proofing concrete.

Ecocure Sealer is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well on both interior and exterior concrete. After application and drying, the film is clear with a slight glossy appearance. Heavy applications and/or prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the cured film to have a milky appearance. Drying will allow the sealer to become clear again.


• Forms an efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete
• Seals concrete surfaces to protect against the effects of weathering
• Hardens concrete surfaces by promoting proper cement hydration
• Helps eliminate dusting through good strength development
• Dries to a clear transparent film that resists yellowing under exterior or ultraviolet exposure
• Alternative to solvent based materials where fumes may be objectionable, undesirable or noncompliant


• The concrete surface must be clean and free of standing water
• Remove any sealer or other material that may prevent adhesion
• Use direct from the container, apply at a uniform coverage by spray or roller application
• On new concrete apply as soon as possible after finishing operations and/or immediately after the disappearance of the “sheen” of surface moisture
• When sealing old concrete, remove contaminants and stains such as waxes, grease and oil with strong soaps or caustics rather than acids
• The surface must be clean and dampened with water prior to application. However any standing water should be removed
• If a second coat is desired apply within 2-4 hours of the previous coat
• Clean line and nozzle thoroughly with solvent cleaner immediately after spraying

Specification / Compliences

• SI 2773 VOC in paints, varnishes etc.
• ASTM C-309, Type 1, Class A&B.
• AASHTO M-148,Type1, Class B.
• U.S.D.A. approved in facilities where sealer may come into incidental contact with food products.
• This product meets V.O.C contents in accordance to EPA 40 CFR Part 59 Table 1 Subpart D for Concrete Curing.
• Compounds with a maximum V.O.C. content of 700 g/l.

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