Rock N Roller Texture Imprint System

Ideal solution to lay decorative imprints in concrete quickly and easily. A great solution with a variety of effects including a diamond pattern for livestock areas.

Rock 'n' Roller Concrete Imprint Roller

The Rock N Roller stamping system allows contractors to roll impressions in concrete five times faster than traditional stamping methods.

Special setup is not required and you can start rolling imprints before mats can be applied.

The rollers are available in 10 patterns up to 36 in. wide, they can be used with either liquid or powder release.

The Rock N Roller Kit comes complete with 20 Ltrs of liquid release, a touch up roller and snap adaptor. The system uses the same handles as your traditional Big Blue or magnesium trowel which means you can utilize your existing equipment with this tool.

  • Easy push and pull imprint
  • Five times faster than traditional stamping methods
  • Add weights to ensure a uniform imprint as the concrete begins to harden
  • No special setup for borders
  • Ultra lightweight

  • Liquid release is available to prevent the roller from sticking to the wet concrete during the imprinting process (no wash off required) spray applied - available in 5Ltr or 20Ltr drums.

Imprints Available

  • Ashlar Slate 35 15/16" Rock N Roller
  • Cobblestone 33 7/16" Rock N Roller
  • Running Bond Brick 35 1/8" Rock N Roller
  • Wide Non Slip Diamond 35 3/4" Rock N Roller
  • Heavy Stone 23 5/8" Rock N Roller
  • Heavy Slate 23 1/2" Rock N Roller
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